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M. Hilale: The Algerian ambassador is neglecting his Arab responsibilities at the Security Council in favor of his agenda on Western Sahara

“There is a community in Algeria, the Kabyle one, which has been waiting for self-determination for over 150 years and which you are terrorizing, imprisoning and depriving of its freedom and its most legitimate right,” Morocco’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN, Omar Hilale, fired at Algeria at the C24 seminar currently being held in Caracas, Venezuela.

C24: Decolonization of Moroccan Sahara Has Been Definitively Sealed since 1975 – Amb. Hilale

Bali - Exercising several rights of reply to the provocative and tendentious statements made by Algeria's permanent representative to the UN, Amar Benjama, at the annual seminar of the UN Committee of 24 (C24), Morocco's ambassador to the international organization, Omar Hilale, stressed that the decolonization of the Moroccan Sahara has been definitively sealed since 1975, under the Madrid Agreement.

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