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Algeria...from Political Derailment To Ethical Decline

Algeria...from Political Derailment To Ethical Decline

Journalist and publisher Mohamed Berrada affirmed that everyone is painfully watching the political and media derailment in Algeria.


In a statement to MAP, Berrada said that the reality and the scope of the arbitrariness of the Algerian official politics is beyond any description, since it moved from a state of intellectual and mental derailment and disorientation to a state of ethical decline, degeneration and frivolity filled with hatred towards a neighbouring and brotherly country that is Morocco. There is nothing in the Kingdom's behavior towards the Algerian people and regime that could justify these attacks against Morocco's image, interests, symbols and sovereign institutions, as well as assaults against its territorial integrity and historical rights.


He recalled a famous saying stating that history does not affect geography, while the latter, by its nature, plays a big part in history. "It seems that the Algerian demeanour is heedless of sacredness as it rejected both history and geography".


"The Algerian political stance could have continued, even uselessly, opposing the Moroccan interests and its unshakable right to the Sahara. It could have continued spreading lies and untruths as it did for decades within international fora, with the help of its diplomatic bodies and media outlets against huge sums of money. It could have continued making enormous efforts to undermine Morocco, without paying attention to other domestic or foreign issues, including its allegations of supporting the Palestinian cause and facing what it calls normalization with Israel. It could have turned all of this into a product for domestic consumption to divert its people's attention from real problems and deflect its failure to meet the Algerian people's expectations, and its right to freedom, progress, dignity and prosperity, in addition to its right to gas and oil returns. But, the Algerian frozen mindset hit a phase where he became incapable of feuding with Morocco while keeping a minimum of controversy-related ethics that govern political disputes, including wars and armed conflicts' ethics," he said.


Wondering "Algeria...until when", Berrada said that the issue that arises today concerns the direction that the Algerian politics and media is taking, following the hideous unprofessional behavior of Algeria's Ashuruq TV, which demeaned and slandered the most important sovereign symbol of Morocco and the main pillar of the country's immutable values.


He added that all indicators that followed this incident, which is condemnable in the strongest terms, show that the structure of the regime ruling Algeria has used up all its elements and components and entered into a dying stage ahead of its clinical death, a fact that explains an escalation after Morocco's securing of El Guergarat crossing point for ever, the announcement of the US recognition of Morocco's sovereignty over all of its Sahara and the opening of many foreign consulates in the cities of Laayoune and Dakhla, including the US consulate in Dakhla.


"Add to this their disappointment concerning the new US president backtracking on the US recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara and the latest agreements concluded with the Kingdom, in connection with the American announcement," he noted, saying that this proves the solidity of the Moroccan stand and mirrors the successive Moroccan victories and accomplishments, which destroyed the lies made up by the Algerian leadership concerning the Sahara issue. Such breakthroughs shocked the political mindset of the military group ruling Algeria which run out of means to deal with the new situation in the region and resorted to a low, vulgar style imbued with indecency.


He wondered again: "but until when" and how does this affect realities and the positions of nations over the Moroccanness of the Sahara? how does this affect the positive view by world's leaders on the Moroccan model in development, human rights, and counterterrorism, in fighting violent extremism and organized crime, and in peacebuilding, without forgetting the example set by the Kingdom, under the leadership of HM the king, in sharing its expertise and riches with other countries. Such behavior reflects the values of true solidarity with the African continent, which got rid of the Algerian illusions and lies.


He concluded by saying that the scope of Moroccan achievements over the past years in the Sahara issue, its growing influence and new image as a pivotal stakeholder in Africa and its positioning in major international partnerships are behind what come over Algeria and its political derailment and, "in my view, this is what caused the ethical deterioration smearing the leaders of Algeria."


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