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Democracy in the Moroccan Sahara

During the last legislative, regional and local elections held in Morocco on September 08, 2021, the two regions of the Sahara had the highest turnout across all Moroccan regions, despite the constraints imposed by the measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Socioeconomic Development in Morocco’s Southern Provinces

Morocco's Saharan provinces are the focus of a constant commitment by the Kingdom of Morocco - the number one local investor and employer - to the well-being and development of the people of these regions.


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The Development of the Energy Sector in Morocco’s Southern Regions:

Morocco is dedicating considerable efforts to the expansion of its energy portfolio its Southern Provinces. While the electrical capacity in 1975 did not exceed 7 megawatts, it now reaches more than 1700 MW, of which more than 1300 MW comes from renewable energy sources.


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Morocco’s New Development Strategy

The socio-economic development of the Southern Regions of Morocco is fundamentally linked to the development of the Kingdom as a whole. The measures taken in favor of this development meet the same requirements throughout the Moroccan territory.

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Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Morocco through the Economic Sector: What are the results of the Development Model of the Southern Provinces today?

Seven years after the establishment of the Development Model dedicated to its southern Provinces, Morocco is now reaping the benefits of a unique, inclusive and sustainable regional strategy.

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