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Call for Terrorism in Tindouf Camps: Polisario Spreads Fear

During a gathering on April 28th in the Tindouf camps, a shocking declaration emerged, casting a sinister shadow over the region's stability. Bachir Mustapha Sayed, a member of the so-called national secretariat of the Polisario, made an infamous call to sympathizers of the separatist movement, urging them to carry out terrorist attacks in the cities of Laayoune, Smara, and Boujdour.

The individual in question reportedly expressed readiness to provide the necessary explosives to commit such criminal acts in order to "destabilize the enemy and open new fronts," according to him.

This declaration, not only shocking but also revealing of the dark intentions of the Polisario, highlights the imminent danger posed by this group to the security and stability of the region.

This bellicose rhetoric, far from being a viable strategy, is rather perceived as the desperate cry of a faltering entity. The military defeat of the Polisario against the Moroccan army, as well as the impotence of its militias to launch a single real attack after 3 years of ceasefire violations, has led to a rise in frustration and aggression within its ranks. Unable to compete militarily, the Polisario now seems to resort to terror tactics to try to maintain its presence in the region.

Furthermore, the Polisario has been repeatedly accused of resorting to terrorist tactics, including the recruitment of child soldiers and the diversion of humanitarian aid for military purposes. These barbaric acts demonstrate a blatant disregard for human life and undermine efforts to achieve a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Western Sahara.

This call for terrorism is unfortunately not an isolated incident. It painfully recalls a series of terrorist acts perpetrated by the Polisario in the past. Among these abominable acts is the Gdim Izik massacre, which claimed the lives of 11 Moroccan security forces members and injured many innocent civilians, as well as deadly attacks against 300 Spanish fishermen in the Canary Islands.

Faced with this persistent threat, it is imperative that the international community strongly condemn such calls for terrorism and take concrete measures to prevent the Polisario from sowing chaos and terror in the region. The security and stability of North Africa cannot be compromised by the irresponsible actions of a terrorist group determined to achieve its separatist goals at any cost.

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