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Hubert Seillan

Moroccan Sahara Ensures Sustainable Development in Peace - French Expert

The importance of green energy, the search for biological balance, the creation of practical and appropriate formations for these objectives are part of the UN Charter, underlines Hubert Seillan, in an analysis entitled "the geopolitical context of the Moroccan Sahara".

The latest national, regional and local elections cannot deceive, "the legal country is indeed the real country", points out the lawyer of the Paris Bar, noting however that those who formulate, for almost fifty years, their hostility in the form of revealed truths, continue to pour tons of communiqués on social networks that the press retransmits without much caution.

"When the fact disturbs the right is very useful, this delaying tactic is well known to people of justice. However, these tricks are not enough to convince, which is why Algeria has declared itself in a state of war with Morocco and multiplies the signs of aggressiveness", he argues.

"Thus one can better understand Tunisia's surprising decision to receive with great pomp the polisario, which only lives on the perfusion of the country that conceived it," writes Seillan, adding that Tunisia is the "caricature" of what awaits those who suggest that gas contracts are only a matter of good management and will be implemented in good faith.

Recent threats received by Spain, suspected of delivering gas passing through its territory without the producer's authorization, leave no room for doubt. These contracts subordinate, according to him, diplomacy.

However, Morocco has solid weapons, the expert assures. Its history and geography, its very effective democracy, reflected in the very high participation of the Saharawis in all elections, the road linking Dakar to northern Europe, on which thousands of trucks and cars circulate every day, and the role of green energy in the development of the country and its southern provinces are marks of recognition, said the French jurist.

In this line, Seillan stressed that Morocco, since its association with the European Union in 2008, maintains very close economic, social, cultural and religious relations with Brussels.

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