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Spain’s hosting of Brahim Ghali is an insult to all women

Like all Sahrawi women, I have been outraged to learn that Spain has admitted on its soil war criminal Brahim Ghali, under a fake identity and forged documents provided by Algeria.
It is indeed a true insult to the women, men and children that are victims of the crimes against Humanity perpetrated by this individual, against whom the Spanish judiciary issued an arrest warrant. 

“Question to the European Parliament on the recruitment of child soldiers by the polisario”

The phenomenon of recruitment of child soldiers by the polisario under the supervision of the Algerian Army, so denounced by international organizations including the UN, has been invited to the European Parliament through a question –with request for written reply-addressed by a group of MEPs to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell.

Morocco and the EU for a peaceful future in Western Sahara

The conflictual situation in the Western Sahara (for us Moroccans it is the Moroccan Sahara) could be on the eve of a solution that would allow not only a cessation of hostilities but also a relaunch of development and economic and social progress throughout the Kingdom of Morocco.