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Morocco-Spain Relations: Shared Desire to Move Forward

Morocco-Spain Relations: Shared Desire to Move Forward

This is the framework within which goes Spanish Government President Pedro Sánchez's visit to Morocco on Thursday, at the invitation of HM King Mohammed VI.

Rabat and Madrid have always shown their determination to overcome the difficulties and build an exemplary relationship, in order to respond jointly to the current challenges, but also to ensure a prosperous future for the two friendly peoples.

History has shown this to be true. The shared ambition between the two countries to consolidate their partnership has never wavered.

It is in this spirit that HM King Mohammed VI delivered his speech on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, on August 20, 2021, in which the Sovereign called for the inauguration of an unprecedented stage in the relations between the two countries, based on mutual trust, permanent consultation and frank and sincere cooperation.

Responding to the generous call of HM the King, the Spanish government reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to engage with Morocco in a renewed dynamic to lay the foundations of a sustainable and future-oriented relationship, commensurate with the age-old ties and common interests uniting the two kingdoms.

"The government is firmly committed to opening a new stage in relations between the two countries, with a clear and ambitious roadmap," stressed recently the President of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez before various parliamentary groups represented in the Congress of Deputies.

For Spain, Morocco is "a neighbor and an indispensable strategic partner," he said, adding that "throughout history, the two countries have forged human ties, agreements and relationships that have forged common interests."

In this sense, the various statements of Spanish officials expressed in this sense have reiterated the willingness of Spain to establish, with Morocco, relations that correspond to two neighboring countries with a "strategic importance" in all areas, especially in terms of migration control, economic and trade exchanges and the fight against terrorism.

The official visit that Sánchez will have in Morocco, at the invitation of the Sovereign, is only the fulfillment of both countries' firm commitment to reaching a historic milestone in bilateral relations, based on a clear and ambitious roadmap that meets the aspirations of both peoples friends.

In this context, the officials of both countries will focus on the implementation of concrete actions within the framework of this roadmap encompassing all areas of partnership and integrating all issues of common interest in a climate of trust and transparency.

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