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Angeles Moreno Bau.

Spanish Government's Support to Morocco's Autonomy Plan in Sahara is 'Consistent', 'Respects International Law' - Secretary of State

By supporting autonomy as "the most serious, realistic and credible basis" for resolving this dispute, Spain has adopted a "position consistent with the decisions taken by previous governments and fully respectful of international law," Angeles stressed before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Spanish Senate.

"The Spanish government defends a position that is in line with the principles and parameters of the United Nations Charter and its resolutions," the Spanish official insisted, noting that this stance also stems from Spain's desire to contribute to regional stability.

"The promotion of stability in our immediate neighborhood in the Mediterranean and the Sahel is one of the priorities of this government in a particularly volatile and uncertain geopolitical context. The security of the southern shore is a priority for Spain and the European Union," said the Secretary of State.

"The resolution of the Sahara dispute, which has lasted for almost half a century, requires a determined effort by the international community [...] and would allow us to resume the path of greater regional integration, which would benefit our peoples and lead to greater stability and prosperity in the Mediterranean," she said.


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