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Ramon Jauregui: Spanish Decision is 'Correct', 'Courageous'

Ramon Jauregui: Spanish Decision is 'Correct', 'Courageous'

"The position expressed by the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, is correct and courageous, as it corresponds to an idea that has always been on the table of our foreign policy, even if it has not been formally raised", said Jáuregui in an interview with MAP.

"I have always thought and defended that an extended and agreed autonomy was and remains the solution for the Sahara dispute," he said.

According to the former delegate of the Spanish government in the Netherlands, Spain's position will be "important" to encourage future international efforts to support the Moroccan autonomy initiative, which is a "reasonable" solution to this dispute.

"It is, therefore, not possible to create a new state in this region of Morocco and it is not possible to do so in a so sensitive geostrategic area," emphasizing the need for dialogue to reach a solution to this issue on the basis of autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty.

In this sense, Jáuregui, also former Secretary General of the Socialist Group in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, called on the UN to assume its responsibilities to lead the polisario to show realism and accept the Moroccan initiative.

Moreover, Jáuregui noted that Spain's position will undoubtedly strengthen its relations with Morocco, praising its "fundamental role to the stability and prosperity of Spain and Europe."

"Morocco is a neighboring country of Spain and Europe. We want our relations to be the best possible," he said. "Many important things depend on this. These include borders, security, economy, development, among others.

Accordingly, he explained that "converging with Morocco on multilateralism, democratic governance, economic development and the development of the Mediterranean basin is fundamental for Spain and for Europe."

The former minister of the Spanish Presidency stressed that "Morocco is an advanced democratic country, which wants to develop its economic potential, striving to give its people prosperity and a future, within a framework of democracy and full freedom," he said. "We must work together to consolidate these achievements."

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