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The War on Terror from the Sahara to the Sahel

It is most often customary to limit geographically and chronologically the ongoing fight against terrorism, in the context of the anchoring of jihadist terrorism, to the Western part of the African continent, starting from the 2010-2020 decade.

Separatism : A Multifaceted Threat in Africa

If the focus on Africa issues and challenges is well established, there is one variable in the root causes that did not receive the proper attention from the international and regional organizations dealing with peace and security and related matters: separatism.

Polisario a terrorist group, says Spanish party at parliament

Miguel Ángel Gutierrez of Ciudadanos party said the Polisario is a terrorist group that has Spanish blood on its hands.

Speaking at a session held by the detractors of Spain’s reconciliation with Morocco, Gutierrez compared Polisario’s actions to ETA terrorism in Spain.

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