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"Official Irish Response Exposes Polisario Leader's Fabricated Visit: A Clear Reaffirmation of Ireland's Stance on the Western Sahara Issue"

Irish Authorities Expose Polisario Leader's Fabricated Visit: A Clear Rejection of False Narratives

After the alleged visit to Dublin boasted by the leader of the Polisario militia, Ibrahim Ghali, Irish authorities exposed his lie in the statement issued by their embassy in Rabat, thereby putting a clear end to Ireland's involvement in this failed maneuver promoted by the separatists.

The Embassy of Ireland in Rabat revealed through its 'X' account that the presence of the leader of the separatist Polisario militia in Ireland was of a 'private' nature, not 'official' as claimed by separatist propaganda. This completely denies the narrative crafted by the separatist leader, portraying it as a 'state visit.'

In this regard, the official Irish announcement emphasized that the 'visit by representatives of the Polisario Front to Ireland last week was a private visit,' organized by an obscure pro-Polisario association operating in Ireland, and that the Irish government was in no way involved or responsible for this activity, which was not originally licensed.

The official announcement also comfortably stated that the separatists' visit "was not based on an official invitation," and despite their urgent requests and the support of their followers, they did not hold any talks, either formal or informal, with the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, or his office, nor with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Michael Martin. Additionally, they were not received by the Irish legislative authority, as the presidents of both chambers and the head of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs refused to meet them.

On the other hand, they were only received by some sympathetic parliamentarians, affiliated personally to the separatist group, and not on behalf of the parliament.

According to authorized sources, the alleged individuals entered Irish territory using Algerian passports.

Thus, the Embassy of the Republic of Ireland in Rabat officially clarified Ireland's permanent stance on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, which "has not undergone any change, but has been clarified and reaffirmed," which is "full support for the process led by the United Nations and the efforts of the Secretary-General to achieve a final and acceptable political settlement by the parties on this issue."

As a result, this incident had the opposite outcome than the separatists had hoped for, as it officially reaffirmed Ireland's non-recognition of the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and its rejection of the separation of the Sahara from the Kingdom of Morocco. This, in itself, is evidence of the international community's rejection of the false narratives promoted by the enemies of territorial integrity.

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